so i happened to make another recipe out of my book. the book i said i would put down, walk away from and give it a rest but i couldn’t help it.

around my french table is just fun.

rillettes is basically a pate of sorts and i heart pate so i gave it a go.

it was with sardines and quite frankly, the final product looks like a fancy cat food [let’s take this one step further and i think this tastes like cat food - or it least what i would imagine cat food tastes like].

i like it [so i guess i like cat food?]. it’s a good snack and would probably be good stuffed in a spicy pepper but i layered it on a “woven cracker” aka a non-triscuit. i topped it with a caper and whoa - salt explosion.

bueno. if you don’t like sardines or anchovies or that sort of taste, then this isn’t for you.

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